We’re Like Milk Chocolate

We’re Like Milk Chocolate

A couple of days ago, I saw that the Melting Pot was having a contest in honor of National Chocolate Fondue Day.  They wanted users to submit a 30 second video & explain which type of chocolate fondue best represents you: dark, milk, or white.  The winner will receive free fondue for a year ($1,200 worth).

SO…we decided to enter.  Here’s my family’s entry for the contest.  We’ll find out if we win on Thursday.  Everything in the video (footage, music, singing, etc…) is completely original and is me, my wife, and my little boy, so hopefully they’ll think it’s creative!

We’re calling it Like Milk Chocolate.  We’d love to hear your thoughts about it!

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Posted on February 7th, by Josh Brickey in Family, Random, Videos.

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