How could I sum up who I am on here in a short set of words?  I guess I could do it in “3rd person” like most people.

Josh Brickey is a pastor, designer, wellness clinic president &….

But that’s too cheesy & phony for my liking.  So…how would I describe myself if I were talking to you candidly?

I’m is a husband to an incredible woman that loves and supports me more than anyone could imagine.
I’m a father to a little boy that lights up my world in yet another way that I never knew existed.
I’m a father to a little girl that has captured my heart and is off limits for dating until she’s 18.
I love sports and reminisce about my “glory days” playing basketball when…let’s face it…I wasn’t nearly as good as I remember and quit the team in college because I didn’t work hard enough.
I’m pursuing a better understanding of God and I’m amazed that he somehow uses me.
I’m a former musician that only has one guitar now…and it’s broken.
Some would say I’m a church “planter”, but I know that if and when a Church develops here it would be because of God’s work and not mine.
I’m a dreamer that envisions so many possibilities, but needs help to make them happen.
I’ve been a speaker, a youth pastor, and a worship leader.  I’ve also been a chauffeur, a car salesman, a bat boy, & on staff with an online high school.  While I may have been decent at each, I’m trying to whittle them down in my pursuit at being great at one.
I’m a  Tennessee Vol fan and my wife is a Clemson fan, yet somehow God guided us to Gamecock country.
I can’t believe that you read through all of this.

That’s the short version.